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Rhode Island, one of the original 13 states,

was founded in June, 1636

by Roger Williams from Massachusetts. Historic treasures can be seen in Providence and the many charming streets of Rhode Island where the historical preservation societies have a major influence. 

Nicknamed "The Ocean State," Rhode Island
is characterized by miles of coastline from the rocky shores of Newport to the white, sandy beaches of Westerly. Block Island, an east coast jewel,
is only 10 miles and a boat ride away from the mainland shore. 
Conanicut, an island in Narragansett Bay, home to Jamestown, a quaint waterfront village with a laid back atmosphere, complements the lively night life of Newport, just over the bridge to the east or Narragansett Pier,
just over the bridge to the west.


Inland ponds, rivers and the salty Atlantic provide endless grounds for recreational activities. The winning ambiance of Rhode Island

make it a great place to call... 


Nancy Wolcott, President, CEO

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